Jerusalem to Jabal Al Baba


Explore the hidden gems inside the city walls of Jerusalem and wander through the old markets. Climb the mountains, walking through the wilderness until you reach a spectacular view of the land surrounding you. Interact with the Bedouins heritage; learn about their life style and definitely be thrilled and fulfilled with their hospitality.

The old city of Jerusalem and its walls is one of the best-preserved medieval Islamic cities in the world. The old city has been home to various cultures, which is reflected in the architecture and planning of the city and its sacred buildings, streets, markets, and residential quarters. Today, Jerusalem’s living traditions continue, making the city the heart of human history.

Starting from Damascus Gate, the trail takes you through the old and different quarters inside the old city of Jerusalem where you will be charmed by the vivid colors and different food tastes. Leaving the old city walls and heading towards the Mount of Olives, you will encounter different religious sites along the way until you reach the top of the mountain with a spectacular panoramic view. Arriving At-Tur the trail starts to descend towards the village of al-Eizariya after crossing Zaytouna Checkpoint. You will get the chance to visit the Tomb of Saint Lazarus, which is traditionally known to be the site of a miracle recorded in the Gospel of John in which Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

After a walk in the village, you will reach a hill that is called “Jabal al-Baba”, which means the Pope’s Mountain, since the land is originally owned by the Vatican and is currently used by the Bedouins for accommodation.

Distance: 10.00 Km
Time: 6-7 Hours
Challenge: Moderate
Food And Water

For the hike take:

  • at least 3 liters of water
  • snack

From\To Jerusalem Direct Distance Price
Jenin 106 km 50 ILS
Nablus 60 km 35 ILS
Ramallah 16 km 20 ILS
Bethlehem 7 km 20 ILS
Hebron 31 km 40 ILS

Notes And Tips

Check the weather before you go. Always remember about sun protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses). During the summer season wear light but modest clothes. During the winter season remember about a warmer jacket – mornings and evenings are usually cold.

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