Hiker Passport


Travelers often like to keep small mementos from their journey to add to their memories. The Palestinian Heritage Trail now offers a great way to record your hiking trip in Palestine. The Palestinian Heritage Trail hikers can collect stamps from different stops on the trail and add them to their hiking passports, and in this way create a beautiful reminder of their journey. The passport can also serve as a record of completing the official route of the trail, and can also be used on weekend days or two-long hikes along the Palestinian Heritage Trail.

However, the Palestinian Heritage Trail Hiker Passport is much more than just a souvenir. We would like to encourage all the hikers to visit certain points along the way and collect stamps there as an opportunity to meet members of local communities located along the trail. Among various sites of interest, museums, and cultural sites, we would like to give a special place for local women's cooperatives, where visitors could learn about their activities and productions. The Palestinian Heritage Trail wishes to empower these often marginalized communities along the trail by supporting their efforts and thereby contributing to local economic development. 

Here you can have your Hiker Passport stamped: